5 of the Best Ways to Insulate your Home

If saving energy is high on your list of priorities, there are things you can do at home to reduce your energy consumption, and while some are more efficient than others, collectively, you can make quite a difference. Many people are misled by incorrect advertising, and ambitious claims, and for those who really want to know the most effective ways to insulate your home, here are the top 5 ways to save on energy.

  1. Adequate Loft Insulation – Hot air rises, and in the winter, that means your heating system is working very hard because a large majority of the heat is lost through the roof. Fibre glass will certainly stop most of the heat loss, and you might consider an extra layer, as you can never have too much loft insulation.
  1. Replace all the Windows and Doors – Apart from the roof, your valuable heat is leaving your home through the glass surfaces of your doors and windows, and the only way to halt this is by fitting double glazed windows and doors. If you happen to be in Australia, and are looking for the best double glazing in Melbourne, or Sydney, simply conduct an online search and you will find the perfect company to supply and install double glazed windows and doors.
  1. Cavity Wall Insulation – If you live in a very cold climate, you will have cavity walls and by filling them with a special foam, your home will be so much warmer. This isn’t necessary in temperate climates, but if the winter gets down to zero, consider filling your cavities with foam. You would need to find a company that specialises in cavity wall insulation, and for what it costs, the benefits are huge.
  1. Draught Proofing – If you have already replaced your windows and doors with UPVC double glazed units, ignore this section, but otherwise make sure you draught proof all windows and doors. This simple task will make a big difference to the energy use, and not only that, it will also take away those annoying cold spots near the windows. There are modern kits with adhesive backing, and a few hours on the weekend will see all your draughts extinguished.
  1. Window Film – This will keep out harmful UV rays, and there are a range of tints to suit your tastes. There are added security benefits too, but the insulation factor will certainly result on lower energy consumption. Custom fitting ensures that your glass surfaces are well protected, and with the right quality film, you would be surprised at the difference it makes to the overall comfort factor.

Insulation is critical, if you want your home to be efficient and not waste energy, and by following the above suggestions, your home will be a much nicer place to spend time in. Of course, you may already have taken steps to reduce heat loss, in which case, you will soon see the benefits of this essential operation.

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