Adding Class and Atmosphere to Your Home

Renovations tend to cost a lot of money and cause a lot of disruption in the typical home. Kitchen and bathroom renovations might be all the rage right now, but not everyone can afford them without taking out a second mortgage on their home. The good news is that there are some affordable modifications to the home that you can make right now that will add a lot of sophistication to any living space.

The Key to a Better Home

One of the secrets to improving the atmosphere of any home is to increase its perceived space. Sure, this means throwing things out and decluttering, but this is only half of the solution. Here are a few services that local companies offer which transform a home through the perception of extra space:

  • Mirrors: Mirrors usually reside in bathrooms, but how about a piece of bespoke mirroring that curves along a corridor, or sits above kitchens benches as an impressive and modern-looking splashback? Mirrors and chrome surfaces used in subtle ways can make a room look more spacious.
  • Glass: Door and window furniture in Anerley, including bespoke glass tables and balustrades, can add a touch of class to any space. Whereas mirrors extend a space through optical illusion and reflection, custom designed safety glass balustrades and table tops increase the perception of space in a room because they are transparent and seem to take up less visual space.

Classy Renovations for the Home

It is possible to renovate a home affordably and add a touch of class, atmosphere, and space through the clever use of chrome, mirrors, and glass features.


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