Always meet the requirements of the Landlord before renting a real estate

Finding the best location and price for a rental apartment or a house is important, and yet that`s only a hint. To avoid any misunderstandings or issues with the property manager – you definitely have to know the requirements of the real estate manager and to clarify all the details, deadlines and other details. There are responsibilities for both parties, but as a good tenant, you want to know these requirements in advance. Next is a short list with examples of what to discuss and clarify with the Landlord before renting the real estate.

1st – how you plan to use the property. Prepare yourself to answer whether you will move in with your family, for study or just by yourself. How many kids you have or whether you want to keep a big pet like a cat or a dog. The Landlord may also ask you about how much removals you plan to take from the old house, which in some cases might be a real issue if you plan to take all the big furnishings during a relocation. A great tip is to make a checklist in advance with the answers of all the questions related to the usage of the new property. Some Landlords don`t like to have tenants that are often visited by friends and guests, while other property managers rent their flats only to students who are known as “not that quieter” tenants.

2nd – discuss the requirements for the domestic cleaning of the property. Here, you may want to make another whole checklist only with the requirements of the Landlord, because it is essential to keep the property clean and in a good condition. Most objects wear with the time and there is nothing to do for restoring their original look. They may range from kitchen appliances such as the fridge or the oven, to bathroom accessories and chrome parts in the kitchen. Take into account the amount of waste that you plan to dispose on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as after moving in. If you plan to use an agency for furniture removals, for example – tell the Landlord that you will get rid of the enormous card boxes and wrappings. Moving house to a new place is truly challenging and the Landlord should know that, but he/she may also have some specific requirements about the waste disposal right after moving in. Because of that, put these details high on the checklist when discussing the requirements about the cleanliness of the property.

3rd – ask whether the Landlord has any requirements about the feedback. When you meet the property manager rarely like once a month – this period might be enough to come across some great issues and to include them in the feedback. However, for some minor issues that occur on a daily basis like the closing and opening of the windows, the location and arrangement of the biggest objects or the color of the light in the bathroom – you may need to inform the real estate manager as soon as the issue occurs. Discuss in advance the boundaries between big and small problems, as well as frequent and occasional problems. Ask questions like what`s the required time to report the minor issues or whether you should repair them just by yourself. Often after moving in a new house via cheap man and van service there is a big mess or even damages after the unloading of your possessions. So, it`s better to know whether you can repair or fix the small issues, or you have to inform the landlord even for the smallest issues.

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