Draining the Swamp

Singapore is all about the functional use of space and making the most from the small amount of the nation’s room. It is incumbent on the government therefore to make sure that the new towns of Singapore are planned meticulously for municipal use. Reclamation of land is vital for the growth and development of one of Asia’s most thriving and stable economies.

Building Up and Out

Over the span of 60 years, the grand plan of Singapore to expand its infrastructure has soldiered on through since the day of its freedom. For a small archipelago, Singapore has always known how to punch above its weight in the global stakes and our nation is a hub for great investments, a centre of commerce and finance and one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations. Sitting at the edge of several major confluences of oceans, nations and even continents, the conditions of nature has placed Singapore in a prime position for passing global trade, traffic and business. It is therefore essential then that town planning for the country continues in a manner that sums up SIngapore, small, but perfectly formed!

Planning for the Future

Like the tempinis heritage trees that grew in abundance on this once marshy terrain, the only way is up for the island chain and its residents in the Tampines New Town (although founded in 1978, Tampines having the term ‘new’ attached is a little bit of a misrepresentation). New and the future is the model for Singapore and with the new Downtown Line ensuring swift connection with central Singapore. HDB Tampines’ properties comprise more than 150,000 apartments in town and for this reason, housing is at a premium and a wealth of amenities and its proximity to the sea is one of countless reasons for owning or renting here.

Knowing the Market

With 82% of the nation’s housing government owned and developed by the Housing & Development Board, dedicating 60 years to the intricate planning and residential creation of a nation. However, because of Singapore’s position and reputation as a financial and economic powerhouse, property comes at a premium, with Singapore being the 4th most expensive city for real estate on the planet, behind London, Hong Kong and Monaco.

Towering apartment blocks overlooking the Indian Ocean make for a wonderful position in a tropical metropolis paradise. With a seamless blend of numerous cultures from the Far-East, married with booming industries and a varied, cosmopolitan modern lifestyle, Singapore is a sumptuous and beautiful place. Tampines region is no different; offering excellent shopping choices, schooling and reliable transport links makes owning an apartment here a magnificent opportunity and investment. This is not just for natives of Singapore, but people needing a rental property for business reasons, from second family homes to even a smart investment opportunity in one of the world’s housing hotspots. Tiny but mighty, Singapore is a nexus for the best of the world’s cultural and financial stage, and your new dream home?

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