Driveway Options to Suit Every Taste and Budget

Creating a new driveway is similar to creating a work of art. There are so many materials, colours, and patterns from which to choose from that the number of potential designs is endless. With so many possibilities, a home or business owner who is installing a new driveway is sure to find the look he or she wants within a budget he or she can afford.


There are several companies which install top-rated driveways in Nottingham. Most of them also provide repair and cleaning services. In addition, some create patios, walls, steps, and fencing. A few even provide landscaping services.


There are a variety of materials that can create beautiful driveways, sometimes even patios and pathways. Each material has its own unique look and benefits.

  • Block or natural stone
  • Pattern imprinted concrete
  • Gravel
  • Crazy paving
  • Tarmac

Block or stone pavers are visually appealing and can be arranged into unique designs because they are available in a range of styles and colours. Repairing them is often less expensive than repairing other types of driveways, since individual stones can be replaced when broken. They are typically placed over permeable mesh to permit drainage.

More appealing than plain concrete, pattern imprinted concrete comes in a variety of patterns and colours. It is a relatively affordable option compared to some materials. Since it is concrete, it is extremely strong and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, when it does require repair, it is costly and noticeable.

Gravel is one of the least expensive paving materials and comes in a variety of colours, however, it requires regular maintenance to remove weeds and flatten the stones. Resin-bound gravel, in which the gravel is mixed with hard-wearing resin, helps to prevent weeds and is smoothed to eliminate loose stones. Gravel driveways, including resin bound, are permeable and allow for drainage.

Crazy paving creates an entirely unique look, as it is made from recycled, irregular-shaped pavers in any combination of shapes and sizes. The finished product is durable and low maintenance.

Tarmac, or asphalt, driveways are also strong, long lasting, and low maintenance. They do not naturally allow for drainage, but a reliable service can install a drainage system if needed. Perhaps not as attractive as other paving options, even tarmac is available in an array of colours and can be enhanced by adding block-paved edges.



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