Get Rid of Allergies by Having Your Carpet Cleaned

If you are beset with allergies, maybe it is time to have your carpet cleaned. Carpet cleaning is offered by quality carpet cleaning experts in three primary packages. These packages include preventative care, corrective care, and salvage treatment services.

Preventative Carpet Care

Preventative care is typically an economical choice for a routine maintenance program. This type of carpet cleaning service includes the following:

  • Checking the carpet for soiling and inspecting the seams and backing
  • Using a dye to confirm the choice of solution
  • Performing a fibre test to determine the proper solution
  • Combing the pile to release any matting to eliminate dust
  • Power vacuuming the carpet to get rid of residue and dust
  • Treating stains before the primary cleaning service is employed
  • Cleaning the carpet using a low-moisture or no-moisture cleaning process
  • Grooming the carpet pile
  • Drying the carpet using high-speed dryers

Corrective Carpet Care

If corrective care is indicated, Berkshire carpet cleaners deep clean the carpet. Usually, carpet that requires this care displays heavier soiling. When corrective care is performed, the carpet cleaning company does the same as what is done during preventative care up to vacuuming the carpet. Afterwards, the technician performs the following steps:

  • Treats deeply embedded stains
  • Pre-treats the carpet
  • Deep cleans the carpet based on the checks and dye results
  • Hand cleans hard-to-reach spots and edges
  • Realigns the pile
  • Uses high-speed dryers to facilitate faster drying

Normally, when a salvage treatment is needed, the carpet is exceptionally soiled. However, this type of cleaning is not always feasible as it may be more practical to replace the carpet instead.

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