Three Things That Increase a Home’s Value

Of all the things you can do to increase your home’s value when you put it on the market, updated kitchens, nice bathrooms and thoughtful landscaping top the list. Here are some ways to improve these areas of your home with the help of Roof Worx–both on a budget and if you have a little extra spending money.

Home's Value

Get Your Kitchen In Order

Take a good look around your current kitchen. What have you liked about it? What have you found to be a problem as you’ve been living in your house? Begin with small repairs and quick fixes to make the most important room in your home more functional and beautiful. If you’re on a budget:

.   Consider adding or replacing your backsplash behind the stove and the sink. These small areas keep the project doable in a weekend and you spend less on materials.

.   Replace all drawer and door pulls, and put in a new faucet.

.   If you have painted cabinets, repaint with a neutral color. If your cabinets are stained, re-stain with a similar color.

A bit out of pocket:

.   Replace the microwave, sink, or even the stove if you can. New homeowners love new (and matching) appliances.

.   If your floor is more than 10 years old, consider tearing it up and replacing it. There are flooring systems that are easy to work with and look great.

.   Replace all the light fixtures in the room, and put in brand new energy-efficient light bulbs.

Beautify Your Bathrooms

All bathrooms in your home deserve attention when you put your home up for sale. If you’re on a budget:

.   Remove all extra clutter to make the room seem larger.

.   Replace outdated wallpaper and paint colors, your shower curtain and window treatments.

.   Re-grout all the tiles and fixtures, and clean everything until it sparkles.

A bit out of pocket:

.   Update your exhaust fan and light fixtures.

.   Replace the faucet for the sink, shower and tub.

.   Consider replacing the toilet, especially if you have an old one. Energy efficient low-flush toilets save the future homeowner on water costs.

Tidy Up Your Landscape

Curb appeal creates a first impression–and you know what they say about first impressions. If you’re on a budget:

.   Clean up all overgrown or messy areas of your lawn, and plant grass in any bare spots. Make sure you give some attention to your trees, shrubs and hedges, too.

.   Plant colorful flowers in pots near the door.

.   Plant lush greenery in beds and sprinkle in a few flowers for pops of color.

A bit out of pocket:

.   Plant fruiting or flowering trees. Choose fast-growing varieties and let your realtor know to point them out to prospective buyers.

.   Pressure wash and re-stain your deck, and add new deck furniture. If you have a concrete patio, pressure wash and resurface with a Portland cement-based resurfacing product.

.   Clean and fix your sidewalks and driveway to make your home safe and inviting.

For more landscaping tips, read this article by Bob Vila, the home improvement guru.

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