What Type Of Light Fitting Are You Looking For

Are you preparing to hang a brand-new light but it didn’t come with light fittings? Did you take the time to go to the hardware store to purchase one but had no clue of what type you needed? That’s not surprising at all. There are many different types of light fittings to choose from so it can get a little confusing. Keep reading to get an idea of the type of light fitting you need for your project.

Recessed Fittings

These type of fittings sit level with the surface they’re mounted on. They’re typically used for:

  • Downlights
  • Uplights

Oyster Lights

These are your basic ceiling lights that are mounted to the ceiling.

Pendant Lights

These lights hang down from a cable attached to the ceiling. They usually have a nice decorative shade on them.

Spot Lights

These lights are attached to the ceiling and direct a beam of light down.

  • They’re used while doing a specific activity, such as painting.
  • They can also be used to draw attention to a certain feature.

These are just a few of many different types of light fittings. When looking for the best light fittings in Radstock, keep these things in mind:

  • What kind of lighting do you require?
  • Will you be using it to illuminate a certain area?
  • What kind of wattage will you be using?
  • Where will you be placing your furniture?

Keep these things in mind the next time you’re at the hardware store and you’ll make the perfect choice!

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