Great mistakes people often make when moving the following special objects

When moving a giant object such as a piano, the greatest mistake is to try doing it just by yourself. Moving a piano is a truly difficult task and there are removal companies that are specialized only in this task. Their vans are so huge that they can fit an object as giant as a piano, as well as equipped with special straps and struts to ensure the safety of your piano. Another mistake to avoid is to call directly a piano removal company. First, try to take the exact measurements of the piano and decide whether some parts can be dismantled or not. The piano`s handled in one piece, but if you take all the measurements in advance, it would be quite easier to determine whether it can fit through the doors of your house or not. The same applies when moving plenty of other giant furnishings and objects, for example – let`s take a huge fitness machine. One it is huge and it can fit only in the largest removal vans or trucks, and two – it is probably much heavier than any other usual object in the house. That`s why you may want to dismantle your fitness equipment in as many parts as possible. Spend a little bit more time for reassembling it in its new place, but therefore you can fit the huge fitness machine into a quite smaller van or even in a normal car. If you want to move a huge glass aquarium – there is also a need to take its exact measurements in advance and after that to call the professional movers. They will tell you about the perfect size of the moving van that is needed for the relocation, as well as which protection measurements are required for the safety of this special fragile object.

There are plenty of mistakes to avoid when moving the kid`s room. First, people often pick up one huge removal box and they fill it with plenty of objects – from kid`s toys, to pencils, clothes and paintings. In order to prevent the objects from malfunctioning or other damages when unboxing in the new house, a greater idea is to take at least a few different size boxes and to label them with “Kid`s room” or “Kid`s toys”. This will give you a better orientation about what`s inside the boxes. In the meantime, it is much easier to handle a few smaller boxes, instead of one giant and heavy box. Not to mention that you can tell your kids to prepare the boxes with their own toys and objects, and thus to reduce the hustle and bustle when you deal with the objects from another room.

Moving library is another adventure, which entices people to make a number of mistakes in the hurry. For instance, you may think that the light and small items such as the books can easily be piled in a huge cart box, which measures as much as the box for a kitchen chair. However, when you fit dozens of books snugly in one huge removal box, it will become quite heavy. It may become even heavier than a box with the dismantled wardrobe! Avoid this mistake by buying several smaller boxes and fit only about a dozen books in one box. They will become easier for handling and without a doubt – the arrangement of the new library should become much easier. The advantages of the small removals are much more than the advantages of the big and heavy removal boxes.

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