Problem-free Moving with Children

You have accepted a job opportunity in a new place, or you simply wish to change your current home because you have found a better one. Whatever the reason for moving might be, you are in for some stressful times. Relocation requires a great deal of planning and organisation and a great deal of effort to complete successfully.

You know just how difficult it will be for you, as you take the most active role in the process. Do you consider, however, that it may be in fact even more troublesome for your children? This is a frightening new experience for them, which they might not be too excited about. Relocation affects them a great deal, as it presents them with a rather big change in their life. Add that to the fact that they might not be able to fully understand what’s going on and you have yourself a real problem. Here is how you can deal with it:

  • Talk to them – communication is key when it comes to familiarising your children with the process of relocation. Since this is very new to them, they will likely have numerous questions about everything. Do your best to answer and explain all that you can to your children, as that will ensure they are feeling less stressed. Share any details with them about the new place – what it’s like, what’s interesting about it and why you are moving in fact. Take them with you to see it before the removal company arrives on the move day. If they know more about it, they will be more prepared to face the moving challenges with you.
  • Include your children in the process – one of the main mistakes you can make is leave your children out of the removal process. This will be very bad for them, as it will make them feel left out. Instead, you should ask them for opinion on some of the matters that surround relocation. Furthermore, you should make them an active part of the packing and loading process, provided they are old enough to take care of the task. For example, you can let them pack their own room, which is a task best left to them anyway.
  • Outline the benefits of the move – although you view moving as a chance to start something new, your children likely think of it as a big loss. To change this view, you must constantly remind them of the potential and benefits that await. While it is true that your children likely have a lot of friends they are leaving behind, the new place will too offer many people for them to meet. Tell them there are going to be many exciting new places for them to hang around and visit. That way you will take away their fears and feeling of loss and replace them with anticipation for the man and van service Surrey.
  • Reach your destination before the removal team – giving your children time to explore before you start arranging the new home will get them excited. Leave early and go to the address before the moving van so that you can have a look around with your children. Let them choose their rooms, if there is such option.

By following these 4 tips you can ensure that the removal goes smoothly for your whole family and mostly for your children. Make sure they are feeling comfortable with the concept of the move and that they understand the reasons behind it. That way you can be sure they will be enthusiastic about the new possibilities this presents.

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