Here’s What A Professional Building Survey Team Can Do For Your Next Project

Whether building a conservatory, a new office block, or a home or installing new underground piping, it’s really important to have all of the necessary information to hand. Knowing what structures lie underground in a particular location is vital to the kind of construction or engineering work that happens all around the country.

Why Use a Building Surveyor?

Experienced building surveyors in Dorking are available for all sorts of projects but they typically provide topographical and underground mapping services for the following reasons:

  • Tracing: Knowing where underground pipes are is crucial to planning many kinds of construction projects. Before a single hole is made in the ground, it is important to know what is beneath the top layers so that planning can be done. The last thing that any project manager wants is a busted water pipe or damaged main line. This can cause costly delays.
  • Buildings: If you need an extension built onto the office, it’s important to know where everything is in relation to everything else. This means that detailed plans of the existing space is invaluable to planning out the new extension.
  • Structural: There are many older buildings around and also those that have been affected by soil movement. Determining the structural integrity of a building is essential to understanding how safe a site is.

Gathering the Most Accurate Information

When building or making changes to an existing site, it is essential that everyone has access to accurate measurements and knowledge of the structures in and around that site. This is where a professional survey team can make all the difference.

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