Is Your Lock Cylinder at Risk

Locks have been through many different advancements and technological improvements over the years but they still remain fairly simple. A lock is made up of a cylinder that turns. The cylinder contains pins that move up and down in a pattern. When you insert your key into the lock cylinder, it pushes the pins up in the prescribed pattern. When the pattern is entered, the cylinder turns on cams that then open the door. If you are having a problem with your lock, it’s likely somewhere in that chain of actions. Also, cylinders can be attacked by malicious actors.

Cylinder Risks

In many cases, you need to ask Eltham locksmiths if your cylinders are safe.

  • If a cylinder protrudes more than 8mm from the surface of the door, the cylinder is at risk. It can be snapped by a burglar who would then have entry into your house.
  • The two options for avoiding this are making a cylinder flush to the door or installing a snap-proof cylinder.

Snap-Proof Cylinder

While it might sound as if a snap-proof cylinder is one that cannot be snapped, that’s actually not the case. A snap-proof cylinder is designed to snap at a specific point in front of the cylinder mechanism. This means that it will snap but the burglar will not gain entry to your home. This is one of the choices that you’ll have to make. You should talk with professional locksmiths before you make your decision. They’ll be able to offer you the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

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