Moving house in an unexpected time – in the wintertime

A great idea is to try to avoid moving house in the winter, as it is an unfriendly season for handling big heavy objects or for traveling at long distances only to unload the same big objects from the moving van. Yet the wintertime is often the season of choice, because there is no doubt – the road traffic is less and most people prefer to relocate in the warm summer. This advantage lets you to organize the relocation by hiring a bigger van that can fit all the items and objects from a bigger house, and thus to move all your possessions in just one day. A few advices and tips are next, about moving house in the wintertime.

– Take good care for the protection of the removal objects at least a week before the move. Get a variety of removal boxes, wrappings and protective solutions such as protective edges for the angles of wooden objects and paintings. First, prepare all the objects in boxes according to your removal checklist, then, fill the empty spaces with soft objects like curtains, old newspapers, towels, etc. They will ensure the safety of the objects in the boxes, especially when driving through snowy roads with lots of bumps and imperfections.

– Moreover, enwrap all the boxes in protective wrappings such as nylon paper and heavy-duty tape. The bigger layer of wrappings will reduce the risk from any possible hit of the boxes in the moving van, as well as acts as an extra layer of thermal protection for the objects, which is especially important if your new house is located in a very cold place.

– Put in nylon bags and wrappings every item that you will handle without a removal box. There is a great chance for snowfalls, winds and rains in the wintertime, and you don`t want to handle bare wooden objects such as chairs or tables, even when it comes to a short distance between the removal van and the front door of the house.

– Supply your helpers with protective gloves for heavy lifting, which on the other hand, are the perfect protection from extremely low air temperatures and strong winds. The protective gloves are an essential item from your equipment and they make the removal tasks much easier in the winter.

– If you do everything by yourself or if you hire only a van and you are the driver – make sure to inspect the van thoroughly. Check out the lights, because the daylight is throughout the smaller part of the day. Check out the heater too, because the winters are very cold. Make sure that you have a GPS and take a pick of a route with more hotels, road shops or a main road, although it may take more time for driving instead of driving through a short road. Another great idea is always to check out the weather forecast for the moving day and to avoid driving during snowfalls, at night or during the days with extremely cold air temperatures.

– Make yourself a dozen or more walking pads from stiff cardboard or from the unused removal boxes. These walking pads don`t take much space in the moving van, but they can turn very useful when loading and unloading the moving van. Arrange them onto the snow in the right order to make a walkway and the handling of big heavy objects will become much easier and quicker.

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