Packing, loading, unloading and arrangement tips for fragile objects

Moving fragile objects is perhaps the most delicate part when moving house and it becomes a true challenge if you do everything by yourself. The professional movers have special storage boxes, handling straps and other tools that can help you with the moving of fragile objects. However, let`s take a look at some tips and hints when planning to move windows by yourself, for example.

Of course, labeling the boxes with “Fragile” should be high on the list. This yet short and common sign lets you to remember what`s inside of each box labeled with “Fragile”, while if you prepare different sized boxes for different sized items – it would be easier as well. Just make sure not to overload the box, because it probably carries windows, mirrors or maybe glass cups.

Another common hint when packing the fragile objects is to enwrap them separately in old newspaper sheets or in other soft wrappings. They protect the glass from hitting the walls of the box and therefore it is the main way to secure your objects when moving with a van in Twickenham. Soft fabric materials like curtains, cloths, cushions, etc. are also very useful for a protection of the fragile items. Just fill the empty spaces of the boxes with these soft materials between the fragile delicate objects, and then close tightly the box with a tape. One you get a wonderful protection of the fragile objects and two – you save space for another extra removal box only for soft fabric objects.

Always when loading fragile items in the moving van, try to put them on a last place in the moving checklist. This will also add a double side effect to the safety of the fragile items. One the risk from hitting a box with fragile items should be smaller and two, you can unload these boxes first right after arriving in the new house. Just make sure to put them on top of the other boxes in the moving van and secure them with tape or straps, as they are usually light and easy to move boxes.

When unloading fragile objects from the moving van – it should be great if you have a map or a simple sketching of the route to the front door of the new house with the locations of all imperfections on the route such bumps, stairs, bushes, turns, etc. Even the smallest imperfections can cause hitting an object or a box in the ground or so, which definitely enhances the risk for displacing or hitting a glass object inside the box too. Make a special corner in a room only for boxes with “Fragile” labels. They might be the last to unbox and arrange, yet they will be safer if you put them on a specific place in the new house.

Try to remember what`s inside the box only by its size and volume before unboxing it. Try to pull out each item carefully and meanwhile to inspect its condition after the relocation with all the loading and unloading procedures of the removal van. Then, arrange all the small removals such as cups, plates and glass candlesticks, for example, on their shelves. Then, start the next step by arranging the bigger fragile objects such as mirrors for the bathroom and the kitchen.

Always do some basic cleaning and final polishing of the glass objects. They collect dust easily, which is a real issue after a long arrangement of the removal objects in the new house.

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